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  From the Golden Age in Hollywood comes a massage technique developed in the 1920’s by a dentist,  Dr. Campbell, and an aesthetician, Madame Renna.  Until 1972, they practiced in Hollywood on the leading ladies and gentlemen of the silver screen.   Dr. Campbell trained Linda Greene as his final, private student in 1984.  She has provided instruction in Facial Fitness Massage for the past two decades, exactly as she was taught.   

    This facial helps to restore skin vitality and sagging muscles to their more youthful state through deep massage and highly increased circulation.  Active aging includes physical fitness; Facial Fitness Massage enhances healthy aging.  After this profoundly relaxing treatment, your clients may expect to hear comments about how radiant they look or how well rested.  According to Dr. Campbell, this technique "applies to the face structure from the standpoint of appearance and beauty; rebuilding, strengthening, and vitalizing these weak and relaxed muscles".

    The full 90 minute facial begins with steamy towels applied to begin improving circulation, followed by a specific series of deep tissue strokes.  All products are completely organic in their natural state. It is a completely natural face lift technique and unlike any ordinary facial. 

    In the current competition for employment, many are contemplating surgical methods to appear more youthful.   Facial Fitness Massage has allowed clients to cancel expensive surgery while enhancing their natural, healthy aging process.  This lost art, called "bloodless surgery" by Dr. Campbell, is being revived as a soothing alternative to invasive surgery and painful machines. 


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